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Application Virtualization Tools

April 16, 2009 3 comments

Application Virtualization is getting more popular every day. Popularity means that a lot of people are using it, so they are trying to be more and more productive, and for that use, they develop some cool and useful tools. Here I  will mention few great tools developed by Login Consultants. All tools are completely free, you just need to register or login. After you login, there are five App-V tools available for download:

By using this tool you can easily create vb scripts for deploying App-V client to end user dekstop.


With this tool you can convert your automated applications setups to App-V Virtualized Applications, with little amount of user intervention.

Really great and useful tool for getting the right diagnose out of your virtual applications.

With all of these tools in your ‘hands’ you can really solve your App-V problems more faster and easier. In my future blogs I will explain all of these tools with more details.