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Free Physical to virtual (Disk2VHD,P2V) tool for Microsoft Virtual PC or Hyper-V

October 19, 2009 13 comments

Free P2V physical to virtual (Disk to vhd) toolWhen I first read news about this free physical to virtual tool, I was happy for couple of reasons:

  • On projects, customers are often asking about some kind of free tool from Microsoft  to create VHD’s from physical computers. Of course till now we had Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM), but to implement SCVMM customers need to buy appropriate licenses. Now they can try P2V with this great free tool.
  • Some times customers would like to try Hyper-V, and their main scenario is  P2V. Now if they don’t need all enterprise features of SCVMM, they can first use P2V.
  • P2V tool runs on running system, there is no need to shut down the computer.
  • Lastly but not less important, with this little bit very useful tool you have portable Physical To Virtual utility in your packet (I mean on your USB flash drive).

How to use the tool?

  1. Download tool from here. 
  2. Unzip it and run it on physical computer you would like to transform into virtual.
  3. User interface pops out in which you can check or uncheck disk which you would like to convert to VHD format.
  4. After VHD creation if finished, create virtual machine (Virtual PC or Hyper-V) as you normally would and attach VHD to it.
  5. Done.

Enjoy using this tool and big thank you to Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell for creating it.