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Great new Bing feature – Visual Search

September 14, 2009 1 comment

New Bing feature called Visual just released new great, fun and useful feature called Visual Search. Visual Search is new type of search organized by categories and then when clicked on category, sorted by criteria. For example; open (before clicking on that link make sure your country/region is set to United States), click on Digital Cameras,  and then on left menu click on criteria Highest Megapixel. You will see how Bing quickly shows all types of digital cameras and then sort them by highest megapixel. Also, going with mouse pointer over image, information about the digital camera is nicely displayed in upper left corner. Same rule applies to all other categories.

Try it out for your self – go to , but as I said earlier change your country/region to United States.

Finally I must say, great job Bing team.

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