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Virtual applications (App-V) download repository

October 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Virtual App repository

One day I ran into one very useful and nice web site where you can find a lot of virtualized applications for download. Check it out here, and grab your virtual appliacations. On that site you can find applications for all kind of different purposes:

  • Audio/Video
  • Financial
  • Games
  • Internet
  • Messaging
  • Productivity
  • Programming and a lot more…

So maybe you are asking yourslef, what do I do with those applications, or what are benefit of using virtualized applications. Well first using virtual appliactions can be very useful for you and your precious computer:

  • Virtual applications are never installed on your OS, so they do not slow down your system (e.g big registry etc…).
  • Virtual applications are in their own virtual bubble so they do not have incompatibility issues with other appliacations.
  • Your registry is a lot smaller when using virtualized applications.
  • Managebility of virtual applications is just great and easy.
  • Virtual applications are in one way portable applications, because you can grab them on your usb key and carry them around without need for installing them.
  • And a lot more benefits.

Ok, after we mentioned few benefits of virtual applications, how can you launch them on your computer, after downloading from this site? Well there is one thing you need to have and that is Microsoft Applications Virtualization Client – one tiny software which you can download as part of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack. Of course if you  wanna use your applications with APP-V management server you will need to change one parameter in OSD file of application package, and that parameter is servername. If you don’t have management server then you can use App-V standalone mode described nicely here and here.