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What is Private Cloud a.k.a Private Cloud for beginners

What is private cloud

These days you can find tons of information on Internet regarding Private Cloud. What is it, how it can be used, how can you benefit from it – all those scenarios and hundreds more are explained everywhere. My intention is not to detaily describe Private Cloud or Cloud Computing. My intention is to describe private cloud as easy as it gets, preferably with „real“ world comparison. Also, keep in mind that there are a few Private Cloud „offerings“, and that herby I’m talking about IAAS – Infrastructure as a Service.

Ok first what does that (IAAS) mean? Let’s analyze those two words; infrastructure and service. In IT world infrastructure is actually combination of following resources: memory, CPU, storage, networking,operating system etc.. Ok now we have also a service which can be defined as „ providing something to someone“. So it’s clear that IAAS is actually  a model where someone provides infrastructure services to someone else. Keyword here is someone, because if this someone is public company providing services to some other company – then this can be „normal Public Cloud“. On the other hand if for example one company provides infrastructure as a service to departments in that same company – then that can be called „Private Cloud“.

If we compare that to some plastic real world example it could be something like Rent a Car model. Smiješak So, in the world there are a lot of Rent a Car companies in which you decide to go if you’d like some services [a Car]. You also decide that this particular car needs to have some amount of horse power, CCM, needs to have 4WD etc. Then you pay for all that and you get that car as a service, exactly as you wanted, and fast too. That could be compared to Public Cloud because some public company „host“ services (e.g. car) for you or your company. On the other hand, your company can have maybe dozen cars available for you and for other employees to use. You then explain  why you need a car, when you need it and what kind of car you need. Your company provides you with that car so in that case you’d also get car as a service, but now this service is private.

Ok, now after that comparison, let’s see how can that Private IAAS Cloud be achieved in IT world. Of course, here virtualization (among other stuff) comes in place. Why? Well because of some main characteristics of cloud (whether public or private) :

  • Scalability
  • Automatism
  • Elasticity

In other words, when you or your department need Windows Server 2008 R2 with 4 GB of RAM, 2 CPU’s, 100 GB disk and Active Directory Services role installed, you need that fast and without much intervention (you don’t want to configure everything by yourself). In other other words, if you’d need that same Windows Server 2008 R2, and if it can only be served to you in a physical manner (a.k.a real metal physical server), you would  probably not get it in that same automatic, fast and „elastic“ way.

So yeah, that’s about it in high level and without mentioning actual technologies used for building private cloud solution. My way of demystified Private Cloud and IAAS.


P.S. In some of my future post I will cover actual Microsoft Private Cloud Offerings and technologies included – so stay tuned.

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