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Opening Infopath forms from Sharepoint site with virtualized Infopath

Opening documents from Sharepoint site with virtualized Office can cause problems.Today many companies implemented some version of Sharepoint as their internal document management system and overall document repository system. Sharepoint is great and easy to use, and companies can really benefit of Sharepoint’s use, so in some point they decided to use sharepoint site for various kind of documents. That’s really great, and everything work fine for those kind of documents if users have Office installed locally. They simply open Internet explorer, type sharepoint url and click on document they need. Of course, because everything is installed localy, when user click on, for example, xml document it is automaticly opened with Microsoft Office Infopath. Same rule applies to Word documents. But what when users are using virtualized version of Office applications? Well then the thing get little more complicated. When Office is virtualized with Microsoft Application Virtualization and then streamed to a client, every file association is discovered properly, so with virtualized Word, users normaly open .doc or .docx documents if these documents are placed somewhere on users disk. But if those documents are placed on Sharepoint site, then when user click on xml or .docx document,  SharePoint is looking for ProgID’s “Sharepoint.OpenDocuments.*” which are not part of file association, but are part of SharePoint COM objects. So when you try to open those documents with virtualized Infopath or Word you will get error that you don’t have appropriate application for opening documents, or something similar. But luckily things can be fixed.

How can this be fixed?

So if you have Sharepoint site and virtualized Office(Infopath or Word), you should do the following:

  1. Sequence Infopath (Word) by best practices, but then in shortcut phase of sequencing include shortcut to Internet Explorer (It is easy, on application phase just click Add new application and then browse to executable of local Internet Explorer.)
  2. Install Sharepoint services support from the Office CD. You can find this by normally installing Office and then in Office Tools subtree only check on Sharepoint services support.

If you do all that, opening document from sharepoint site should normally work.

  1. April 30, 2010 at 6:25 am

    Thank you very much for this post.

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