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Replica inconsistent after mailbox database recovery with DPM on Exchange CCR

Data Protection Manager console after successful recovery of Exchange mailbox  to its original location.Yeah I know. You are probably wondering what does DPM or Exchange have to do with virtualization. Well it doesn’t, except that with DPM you can backup Virtual Server or Hyper-V virtual images, and Exchange is officially supported in virtual environment. Be that as it may, this post has really nothing to do with virtualization. Anyway, my latest project includes working with Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager and Exchange 2007 CCR.  So I would like to share some known problems, and errors that may happen when you try to recover Exchange Storage group, or Mailbox Database to Original Exchange location. So after recovery process completes successfully, you are not completely done, because DPM replica becomes inconsistent. So why is that? Well, because DPM automatically recovers to Active node of Exchange CCR,  few steps must be done on Passive Node after recovery. Steps are:

Suspend replication for the storage group by running the following command:

Suspend-StorageGroupCopy -Identity:<Server\StorageGroupName>


Reeseed the copy of database  using following command:

Update-StorageGroupCopy -Identity:<Server\StorageGroupName>


Resume replication :

Resume-StorageGroupCopy -Identity:<Server>\<StorageGroupName>

After all that, go back to DPM and do a Consistency Check  on your DPM replica and you will see nice green status color.

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Why virtual machine suddenly goes into paused critical state?

Hyper-V paused (button is not really showing up...)

One day I was doing demo of all six MDOP products, and 5 minutes after demo my Hyper-V virtual machine suddenly paused and my screen froze. What’s the deal with that, I was asking myself? So if something similar happened to you, and you were asking yourself the same question, the answer lies within low disk space. Anyway free space on hard disk for your virtual machine must not be lower than 200 mb, and if it does your virtual machine goes into PAUSED CRITICAL state. So if you have important presentation and demo, check your free space, and check it after you start virtual machine.

Especially if you plan to demo application virtualization, and one of demo scenarios is installing and virtualizing big applications. Then your vhd file could become bigger and you could run out of free space. And you don’t want that happen to you during demo.